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"During my time training, I learned various different forms of self-defense that would enable me to control a physical situation that could occur without notice within my everyday life. Mark Munster’s method of training is focused solely on what you want out of it and can help anyone learn the many techniques in a patient and comfortable environment. As an instructor and teacher, Mark Munster excels in all aspects and leaves you wanting to learn more than you originally intended. Overall, I would recommend his training to anyone yearning to learn self-defense that can be used in everyday situations where a threat can occur.”

~ Alexander Richard Huelbig  |  Adult Self Defense (Law Enforcement)

“Mark Munster brings such a spirit of enthusiasm to his class that you don’t realize how hard you’re training.  The training system keeps things moving and his students engaged.  Mark knows what he intends to teach in each session and he delivers it to his students with a joy for his craft.”

~ John and Ethan Rolls  |  Adult Self Defense

“I have been taking classes with Mr. Munster for over 6 months and I love it! This was my first time trying martial arts. Mr. Munster really pushes you to your limit and is a great mentor. Right away he told me his goal was to make me sweat! And he does. I feel a lot safer and more confident in my abilities. I always look forward to learning new moves and trying them out on my younger brother. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone, boy or girl, young or old! All you need is to be ready to push yourself. You will learn some awesome new skills!”

~ Luka Brizhik, 15 yrs old, Sophomore, Poolesville High School  |  Adult Self Defense

“Mark Munster is a fantastic instructor.  Our two boys (6 and 9) have been training with Mark for several months and it has been great for their self-confidence, discipline, attitude and fitness. The boys are very eager to attend classes and continue to work on fitness and training drills at home even without asking.  They enjoy the play/game based format that is perfectly adapted to maintaining their interest and taking any fear and intimidation out of mixed martial arts training.  Mark has a real gift in relating to these energetic youngsters in encouraging them to be respectful, active and safe.  We highly recommend training with Master Mark!”

~Eric & Jane Gleason  |  Kids Self Defense

“Mark’s program and training has been a phenomenal experience!  I was searching for a program that clicked with me for a while after my third baby was born and I have now found it!  After 9 months of consistent and vigorous workouts with Mark, including weight lifting, strengthening drills, and basic martial arts training, I feel awesome inside and out.”

~ Maria Mcguire  |  S3 Fitness

[My son] Shane [age 6] loves going to Jiu-Jitsu with Mark! We love that his core muscle strength is improving, not to mention the positive behavior reinforcement that is part of the curriculum! Mark is a great teacher, full of patience and an ability to keep things fun!”

~ Beth Lawler  |  Kids Self Defense

“Our boys have been training with Mark for several months.  They can’t wait to go to Mark’s, and always tell us what they are learning from ‘Mr. Mark’ which goes far beyond the athleticism.  They’ve gained strength and agility, not just physically but emotionally.  Mark is an outstanding person, exceptionally skilled in Jiu-Jitsu, and imparts both of these to the kids in his classes.  They have more confidence and are excited about their strength, and more critically, know how to appropriately handle things like bullying and self-defense. I really can’t say enough about Mark and highly recommend him.”

~ Janelle Johnson   |  Kids Self Defense

“I think it’s fun.  He teaches you jiu-jitsu, we play games and it’s a fun place to go and learn new exercise.  We earn stripes on our belts depending on how hard we work in class. My goal is to get to the next one and keep on going and having a great time doing Jiu-jitsu with Mr. Mark.”

~ Tristan Johnson (age 7)  |  Kids Self Defense

“I would tell all the kids to join Mr. Mark’s because it is great.”

~ Ethan Johnson (age 5)  |  Kids Self Defense

“Mr. Mark is super nice and a good teacher.  We have friends there and learn punches and grappling.”

~ Micah Johnson (age 5)  |  Kids Self Defense



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