S3 Strength & Conditioning Programs


S3 STRONG (Interval-based Strength Training, Group format)

Recommended for ages 18+, our S3 STRONG Group Strength Training is a workout program designed to introduce many of the fundamental concepts of strength training to new and intermediate trainees.

Offered in a small group format (no more than 10), our students take this training as an “accelerator” prior to engaging in a more rigorous training program, to help ensure they are performing exercises properly and safely.

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S3 FIT (Introductory Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fitness Bootcamp, Group format)


Recommended for ages 18+, S3 Fit is an MMA-inspired fitness conditioning program.

S3 FIT takes cardio kickboxing and “kicks” it UP several levels!

We include exercises and drills that are part of various martial art styles that will have you using your entire body in a safe and team-spirited environment. You will punch, kick, knee, elbow, and move like you've never moved before! This is an AMAZING workout designed to work you from head to toe, inside and out!

You also have the additional benefit of being introduced to many Self Defense basics that we teach in detail in our Self-Defense curriculum. Each workout is a unique combination of these drills that are basic enough for anyone to learn and follow and challenging enough for even the most elite athlete.  Learning new skills while getting a GREAT workout is what this program is all about!

This is a group training class. No prior experience necessary.

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S3 SAVAGE WARRIOR WORKOUTS (Challenge-based Competition-style Workouts)

These challenge-based workouts are designed to build and develop skills in Athletic movements, Strength Athlete movements, and Combat-based movements and......to kick your ass. These will not be easy or for the faint of heart, but they will produce results.

You’ll become fit, athletic, strong, and battle-ready!

Workouts are released to our private Facebook group twice per week to perform. 

S3 STRONG & FIT trainees can add this to their training program.

These workouts are designed for trainess that have been training for over a year or more.

* Individuals wishing to add this training as a membership must have Coach Mark & Ray's approval prior to starting. This membership includes access to a private training group, leaderboard challenges, 24 x 7 access to our gym, and accountability check-ins. Contact us for more information on this membership.

Poolesville Barbell Club (currently not offered)

This is a beginner program to learn basic strength training concepts. Each club is organized by age group (10-12, 13-15, and 16-18). 

This beginner program will focus on the basics of human movement and beginning strength development concepts, such as:

1. The concepts of Progressive overload.
2. The Keep It Simple (KISS) principle.
3. “Working out” versus “training”.
4. Setting Goals.
5. Developing the skill of discipline.
6. Taking the long-term view of your health and strength training.
7. Basic Nutrition for Strength Training.
8. Recuperation, recovery, and rest.
9. The 3 Types of muscular contraction (concentric, eccentric, and isometric).
10. The difference between body weight, barbell, dumbbell, kettle-bell, and other external resistance options
11. Intro to Fundamental Athlete Drills
12. Intro to Strength Athlete Drills

No prior experience is necessary. All students will undergo an initial capabilities assessment prior to entering the program.

RPC Custom Personal Training


Custom-tailored training programs are offered by Coach Ray and RPC Fitness through the convenience of  in-home, one-on-one, or small group training. Nutritional coaching also available. Learn more about the services offered here.


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